Friday 5 October 2012

trying something new

doing  bit of crochet havnt done any in so many years......but looking through all my mothers wonderful handywork has inspired me......miss her so much.


sue w. said...

Hi Margaret, What a cutie. Did some crocheting when I was at school but only squares and could never master a pattern.
What a lovely pic of your mum.
Hope you're ok hun. Good to see you back.
Hugs Sue W.

Unknown said...

Hi Margaret Im sure you do miss her but it is great having all the memories, my mum passed away 22 yrs ago and at times it is still hard, like Sue I could never master crochet.
Chris x

Clare said...

Beautiful Margaret. Keep hold of those memories and think of only the good as your Mum would not want you remembering the bad. Such a gorgeous picture of your darling Mum. Thinking of you always xxx